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27 mars 2021 @ 15:19

Thanks a lot to sashii09 for this banner.

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08 juillet 2010 @ 19:18
A new pixel pack...
Make up items.
Can be used on website or blog.
I've finished it yesterday.

Hope you'll like it!!

You can donwload it with a click on the picture.

Please, if you use it, link my website: http://aoiyuki.free.fr;
don't say you are the author of it,
don't distribute these on you on blog or website without my permission.

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05 juillet 2010 @ 18:38
My boyfriend had give me a gift.
You can see it!
It's little strawberry!
I like them so much!!

And you, what do you think about it?

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04 juillet 2010 @ 11:47
I would to talk here about my website. Because I've do some little goods for people who like japan music and all that.
Little example here:

MSN goodies -wallpaper for msn window-

Little icons for LJ, MSN, or others.... (lots of themes!)

Website Layout

Protfolio with different creations (dirty!!)



Pixels -with different section like adoptable, dollz and smilies pack-

Maybe you are interested by it. So... If you would to discover all the website, you should click on Aoi~Yuki.
Hope you'll like it!


Hum... about my last idea about create my post the week-end and post it during the week... I think LJ can do that...
I'm upset...
Because I've trying to post something automatically with pre-recorded post but LJ doesn't work great with this option. I've create post for today, 10h50, and my post is present in Friends page like these was posted yesterday. So nice =_=

So, I'm thinking about insert my blog into my website. If I do that, I'm not sure I'll post here again. o I would to have your opinion about that. I like to read you and have news about you, I don't want to cut all with relocate my blog.
What do you think about it?
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04 juillet 2010 @ 10:55
In fact, in my first try, it was nice. But I haven't wait enought time, and my polish nail was destroy by my movment. So, I do an other one. And there is the result. I'm not satisfied; and my english too. I'm get rusty T_T 

And you, what do you think about it?
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03 juillet 2010 @ 10:49
Hm, in fact, I think I haven't got enought time during the week for post here.
So... I think I'll try to writte entries during saturday and sunday.. And I'll post it during the week.
Do you think it was a good idea?

I would to take care about my website too.
I would to create pixel-art contest, and maybe drawing contest.
Are you interested by it?

About news... I'm doing the last item for my make-up pack. Maybe I can post it during this week. Or maybe not!

Hope you're fine!!
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03 juillet 2010 @ 10:21
(et même que je viens de m'apercevoir que j'ai gagné le lait démaquillant du dernier concours... et je m'en remets pas 0_0)

En attendant, un nouveau concours sur Monde de Fraise, avec des matières premières pour réaliser un baume multi usage home made. Si vous êtes tenté(e)s, surtout, n'hésitez pas!! Parce que Fraise, c'est une star... ! Et que son blog est super sympatoche! (je vais voir tous les jours si y'a pas une news, tout ça parce que je suis qu'une Monde de fraise addict...=_= En même temps, je suis aussi addict de Tartofraise et de Peau Pourrie alors bon.... XD je devrai peut-être songer à me faire soigner? Bah, tant pis, je crèverai en tant qu'addict XD)
Et pour le concours, c'est par là ~>

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Musique actuelle: abingdon boys school - Blade Chord | Powered by Last.fm
Bonjour! Pour les fans de cosmétos ou juste les personnes curieuses de découvrir de nouveaux produits...
Je vous conseille vivement de visiter Monde de Fraise (dans mes liens blogs chéris)

Fraise est une petite nana super gentille, super mignonne, et j'adore ses articles remplis de sympathie et surtout de bon sens.

Et d'ailleurs, pour l'occasion du 100° membre, elle organise un concours pour gagner un lait purifiant.
Alors venez tenter votre chance! Et à vos souris!


PS:  I will post soon my pack of make-up item...
An other preview of it: Hope you'll like it ^.^
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Musique actuelle: White noise - Yellow Tricycle
A man have create a little cam for take picture when his Cat is outside.

Here, you can find the trip of his cat. I find it's curious but... I like the concept!
Mr Lee Cat Cam
Humeur actuelle: curiouscurious
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19 juin 2010 @ 10:42
Yes, I've change again....
A new one very easy to do!
I think everyone can do it!!
So, I'll explain how...:

I've used this base for do a french.
I think with little time, you can do a great things.
But little stickers exist for help you where you're doing your french.
In fact, I don't like white nail polish normaly used for do a french.
Because it's too white.
Everyone can see you've go a french. And with all faults.
I prefer to use a beige pastel one.
I find the result is more natural but you nails will be more regurlar and nice.

After that, I've use my pink Nail Polish Claire's. Not expensive (2.50€).

And for finish it, I use one stickers on my thumbs.
20 stickers in claire's shop too.
I don't remember the price...
Something like 3€95 (I found THAT is expensive... it's for that I've used only two for this nail XD)
But you can found stickers in ebay for a better price with a better stickers. I've got the example of this french ebay shop.
This kind of stickers is very very nice!! But for my first trying with stickers, I would to use Claire's one.

There is the results:

Do you like it?
Can you find the difference between the two hand?

EDIT: I forget it -> if you try it or do nail-art too, please, send me a picture! I would to see!!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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